Joseph Martins
Paintor in the mouth

"By sight and light,
I hold that the absence of me from my 4 members enter"

Joseph Martins painter mouth, I wish to present my work through this site. I have been painting for over 27  years, I like to share my work through exhibitions in France and Europe with the MFPA association of 27 artist in France and over 800 worldwide.

Solo exhibitions and group took place in France and in Europe too. In recent years, I especially exhibited in the Southwest of France.

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Painting demonstration at the mouth!


The video was filmed and edited by my wife Gaëlle.

A video for you to report on my technique ... special.

Painting "high Savoy Chapel," I use tables to acrylic paint .It was carried out in six hours, gradually the table is done. Apart acrylic, I also paint to the oil painting This is my preferred technique since I started.

When I paint a painting to oil painting, I first do my drawing on the canvas, once the finished drawing I add colors. Sometimes I make color blends directly on the table while the paint is still wet, it is rare that it gives the effect I wish that time. Acrylic paint is completely different, I first spot the bottom.

This once well placed, I do the drawing and adds colors. There is a difference between oil painting and acrylic. The oil is slow to dry and can therefore work on the costs. Acrylic is a paint that dries quickly, is superimposed the colors as and as the dry table

Legal notice
All the reproductions of paintings on this site, will require a written request from the Association of Painting Artists of the Mouth and Foot (MFPA) as well as from the artist.

Anyone not meeting this pledge to possible legal action from the Painting Artists of the Mouth and Foot and Artist (MFPA) and the artist.

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Site Friends

This site is one of Painting Artists of the Mouth and Foot. VDMFK means: Artist Painting the Mouth and Foot is the German name of the association,

This site is that of a friend. Former educator, 30 years ago

This site is one of the publishing company of Painting Artists of the Mouth and Foot. Located in Strasbourg.

This site speaks of a disabled sports association that is in Seine Saint Denis in 93. This association is chaired by Bruno Corgne (anyone I know for over 30 years). Many go visit this site and enjoy your visit.

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